Chairman’s Message

Is it better to be more efficient or more effective?”

Before we answer that question, perhaps we  need to define our terms. Efficiency is just a function of the volume of work we do. By doing more work in the same amount of time, we increase our efficiency. Effectiveness, whereas, is a function of the results we get.   By implementing best practices, by working in ways that generate measurable improvements in results, we can increase the size of the deals we’re working on, we decrease the duration of the operation cycle, or we increase the percentage of deals we win etc.


Elimination of waste is specific to a manufacturing environment, but the concepts underlying ‘Lean Principle’ have been applied to knowledge work as well, more precisely in education activities. The amount of time spent in teaching without the appropriate through put is  waste of mass energy, time and all related resources, which is a common feature generally seen everywhere.  

Efficiency improvements are worthwhile. There’s no debating on that fact. But the risk is that the improvements to work methods—the increased efficiency we achieve—fails to produce the right results, which for an operation would be winning business. In that case, we are efficiently moving ourselves toward failure.

Those  who are intelligent or intuitive, who like to think for self, who value truth, and who can recognize higher wisdom will become very good ‘professionals’ with greater efficiency and effectiveness together. A person who is able to get things done is highly valued always.  One can become enthusiastic only when he gets involved in variety of projects. They have vivid imaginations and like to dream or fantasize the future for not only self, but for others also. They seem to be able to anticipate other people's needs and care about others. In relationships they   often see people's potential rather than who they are at present. The qualities most highly valued by such guides are dedication, enthusiasm, and the willingness to be a channel to others.

We, in KMCT initially do not expect your life to be working perfectly, for part of our commitment to you is to help you put your life in order. We expect that making your life work is important to you. KMCT prefers to connect with those who would love our work, methods, process etc.  so much that they would do it for others. We seek those who are grateful for the opportunity to have this connection with us, rather a partnership of Institution – studentship association for tuning a great future through dedicated teaching-learning process.

This association in KMCT, I am sure, will assist you in strengthening your resolve to create the goals, and in not letting yourself be deflected from creating your higher goals.  This is the Will that destroys all hindrances.  It brings an increasing power and ability to see what stands in the way and what needs to be released to manifest the purposes of your goal.  You can align with it to have a stronger one-pointed focus on your goals and therefore be able to rapidly create your higher purpose and path.  

My Heartiest Season Greetings and Best regards to all                                                                        



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